Retiree Saves Wife’s Life: Urges Others to Learn CPR in Emotional Reunion with Paramedics

Retiree Glen Sharrock has a vivid memory of the harrowing moment his wife of nearly 50 years, Marian Sharrock, faced a life-threatening situation right in front of him.

In August of last year, after having dinner at their Rockhampton home, Marian sat down in a lounge chair and suddenly “slumped down.” Glen immediately sensed that something was terribly wrong. He remarked, “Marian doesn’t fall asleep that quickly,” realizing that an emergency was unfolding before his eyes.

His wife had gone into cardiac arrest.

The sight of someone dying before him was a terrifying experience for Glen. He knew that if he didn’t take immediate action, he might lose her. Confirming that Marian wasn’t breathing and had no pulse, he wasted no time and promptly dialed an ambulance.

Placing Marian on the floor, Glen started performing CPR, determined to do whatever he could to save her life. Meanwhile, he handed the phone to his son Ben, who relayed instructions from the triple-0 operator, offering reassurance that they were on the right track.

Glen continued administering CPR for a grueling 15 minutes until paramedics arrived on the scene, ready to take over and utilize a defibrillator.

Expressing her profound gratitude, Marian declared, “I wouldn’t be here without this man [Glen]… every time I look at this man, it’s just love.”

Now, nearly a year after the incident, the couple is urging others to learn CPR and first aid. Glen, who had previously completed courses every six months during his time at work, stresses the importance of these life-saving skills.

Recently, the Sharrocks met with the paramedics and the emergency medical dispatcher who guided them during the triple-0 call, extending their heartfelt appreciation.

“It only takes five minutes to save a life,” emphasized Glen.

Marian has made a complete recovery since the ordeal, with a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted in her chest.

Reflecting on the incident, Glen acknowledged that although he knew what to do, having reassurance and professional guidance proved immensely helpful. The emergency medical dispatcher, Kim Hammond, who provided advice during the triple-0 call, commended Glen’s preparedness and swift actions. She highlighted the significance of remaining calm, dialing triple-0, and initiating CPR in such situations.

Ms. Hammond stressed the importance of early intervention, emphasizing that starting CPR as soon as possible is crucial. She encouraged people to take action even if they’re unsure of the precise steps, asserting that any form of compression is better than no action at all.

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of her life being saved by her husband, Mrs. Sharrock will be going on a beach holiday with Mr. Sharrock next month. The couple, who are proud grandparents, also has plans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year.

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