Cardiac Arrest Survivor Makes School Plea

A Leicester resident, Sanjay Shah, who experienced cardiac arrest while playing football, is advocating for broader CPR training in schools, especially targeting teenagers.

Last August, Shah collapsed during a football game, and his teammate, 26-year-old Silpesh Mistry, administered first aid until paramedics arrived, ultimately saving Shah’s life. Reflecting on the incident, Shah emphasised that Mistry’s knowledge of CPR was crucial in the critical moments.

Expressing his conviction, Shah stressed the importance of integrating CPR training into the school curriculum at an early age. He believes that if CPR training were a regular part of education, it could empower more individuals to respond effectively during emergencies.

Shah emphasised the need for widespread CPR education, emphasising that it should be introduced to students around the ages of 13 to 15. He argued that equipping young people with CPR skills could have a lifelong impact, similar to other subjects taught in schools.

Recently, Shah reunited with Mistry and the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) staff who responded to his emergency. Niall Jerrison from EMAS highlighted the low survival rates associated with cardiac arrest incidents, making the importance of immediate CPR intervention even more critical.

While the Department for Education acknowledged the current inclusion of first aid training in the curriculum, including CPR instruction for secondary school students, Shah’s advocacy underscores the call for more comprehensive and regular CPR education in schools.

Source: BBC

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