Twelve-year-old Noah Lekias experienced a life-threatening situation when he suffered cardiac arrest at a friend’s birthday party. Thanks to the quick actions of a friend who pulled him out of the pool and prevented him from drowning, Noah’s life was saved. While panicked parents performed CPR until paramedics arrived, Noah endured three more cardiac arrests before being placed in a medically induced coma upon arrival at the hospital.

Noah’s mother, Fiona, shared the ordeal, stating that he remained in a coma for approximately a day before doctors brought him out of it. He stayed in the hospital for about a week due to short-term memory loss, ensuring his readiness for discharge. The diagnosis revealed that Noah had long QT syndrome, a type of congenital heart disease characterized by a heart signaling disorder that can lead to rapid and irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias). Essentially, his heart beats too quickly for his body to handle, Fiona explained.

The initial days following Noah’s diagnosis were incredibly challenging for the Lekias family. Fiona expressed their fear and the subsequent extensive research they conducted, as it was the only thing they could do at that point. Fortunately, with the help of medications, Noah was able to enjoy a few relatively normal teenage years. However, in 2020, he underwent a significant heart surgery aimed at addressing his condition.

During the surgery, five nerves were extracted from Noah’s heart, leading to some complications, including nerve damage. As a result, Noah had to take an extended break from school for several months. Describing the procedure, he mentioned that surgeons had to cut certain veins to slow down his heart rate. The surgery caused him a considerable amount of chronic pain.

Now, at the age of 16, Noah is thriving and has a strong desire to raise awareness about his condition. While he has experienced a few minor episodes, he generally leads a good life. Fiona admires her son’s unwavering positivity, emphasizing that he never complains about anything and remains optimistic. Although he still copes with chronic pain resulting from nerve damage, Noah continues to embrace life and enjoy being a typical 16-year-old boy.

Source: 7News

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