We know that it can be a daunting process to use a defibrillator on someone. We receive many questions on how someone needs to prepare to use an AED, and more importantly if the person will hurt them. Should jewellery be removed before using an AED? The quick answer is no. You don’t need to …

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Owning a defibrillator is one thing; ensuring it’s maintained and rescue-ready is another. Check that your FRED PA-1 AED is functioning properly by following these 3 easy steps! Step 1 – Ensure the green main status LED is flashing. Step 2 – Check the expiration date of the electrodes. The expiry date will be on the front of …

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Limited time only AED bundle offer – $1,695 – Click here to learn more.   DRSABCD  The DRSABCD Action Plan is a vital guide to treating a patient in a life-threatening condition. It is an action plan used extensively by St John Ambulance DRSABCD, Surf Life Saving and by many schools, university, sporting clubs, corporate …

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Operating in Australia since 1999, Cardiac Defibrillators extends lives by supplying the public and healthcare professionals with life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

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