FRED Easy Life

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External defibrillator

The FRED Easy Life is a fully automatic defibrillator, suitable for all users with varying levels of first aid experience. The lifesaving unit helps guide the responder through each step of defibrillation and CPR treatment by providing text prompts, voice instructions, visual diagrams and a beeping metronome to achieve the correct rate of compressions.

Once the electrode pads are applied, the FRED Easy Life starts analysing the patient’s heart rhythm and automatically delivers a shock if needed. With fully automatic operation, this defibrillator requires no manual intervention from the responder to deliver the shock.

FRED Easy Life is available in:

  • Fully-automatic mode: attach electrodes to the patient, switch the unit on and let the device analyse and deliver the shock if necessary.
  • Semi-automatic mode: attach electrodes to the patient, switch the unit on and follow instructions, press the shock button if recommended by the device.


  • Easy to operate
  • Quick charging time
  • Detailed audio and visual instructions
  • Training unit available

Multipulse Biowave®

Most SCHILLER defibrillators feature the sophisticated Multipulse Biowave technology. This patented defibrillation waveform is pulsed at high frequency. It consists of two phases of current flowing in opposite directions (biphasic). The Multipulse Biowave technology ensures an effective and safe defibrillation shock while minimising damage to the myocardium.

Fred Easy Life Cardiac Defibrillator

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Dimensions: 70 x 230 x 220mm (SD card version)
70 x 237 x 220mm (Ethernet/Online versions)
h x w x l
Weight: approx. 1.5KG
Waveform: Pulsed biphasic – mulipulse biowave
Energy Levels: 1 to 150J (adults)
1 to 70 J (paediatric)
Automatic detection of paediatric electrodes
Pads: Adult pad 80cm2 of active surface
Paediatric pad: 42cm2 of active surface
Battery type: Lithium/Mn02 12V, 2.8AH
Battery life: 180 shocks at maximum energy, or 3 hours 45 minutes of monitoring
Recorded data: ECG signal recording (2hours)
Ambient noise recording (2hours)
Event recording (500 events)
Ambient conditions: Operating: 0 – 50 °C at a relative humidity of 0 to 95 % (no condensation); atmospheric pressure 700 to 1060 hPa
Storage/transport (without battery and pads): -20 to 50 °C at a relative humidity of 30 to 95 % (no condensation); atmospheric pressure 500 to 1060 hPa
Display: Type: high-resolution LCD screen, electrolumines- cent backlighting, text and symbol display
Dimensions: 100 x 37mm
Standards: The unit complies with all relevant standards for patient safety and operating conditions.

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