Paul Edbrooke, the Member for Frankston in Victoria, has emerged as a hero, displaying incredible bravery and lifesaving skills just days after surviving a harrowing plane crash.

Edbrooke was a passenger on a skydiving plane carrying 16 others when it encountered engine trouble at an altitude of 600 feet over Barwon Heads last Friday.

Thanks to the pilot’s remarkable skills, the aircraft made a safe emergency landing in a field, and miraculously, all the occupants emerged with only minor injuries.

Edbrooke’s heroic actions didn’t stop there. He had a remarkable tool at his disposal, the Good Samaritan App, which promptly notifies individuals capable of providing CPR in emergency situations within their proximity.

And just two minutes away, a man in his 60s was seriously unwell and waiting after bystanders called 000. He was in the midst of a cardiac arrest, having lost his pulse and wasn’t breathing.

Edbrooke quickly sprang into action, initiating CPR. Astonishingly, after just about a minute of life-saving efforts, the man began breathing once again.

Paul Edbrooke, who had previously served as a firefighter for 14 years, reflected on the extraordinary turn of events, noting that such a life-affirming outcome was a rarity even during his extensive firefighting career.

His quick thinking and the Good Samaritan App played crucial roles in saving a fellow human being’s life, adding another incredible chapter to his remarkable story.

Source: 9now

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