Powerheart G5 AED Accessories

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G5 Intellisense Battery

Part No. XBTAED001A

The Powerheart G5 uses a single, medical-grade Intellisense® lithium battery for high performance and peace of mind. Each Intellisense battery can deliver up to 500 shocks (at 150VE), and at least nine shocks after the AED indicates the battery is low

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G5 Adult Defibrillation Pads

Part No. XELAED001A

Our non-polarised pads greatly simplify the rescue process for inexperienced users in stressful circumstances. The pads can be placed in either position on the chest (upper-right or lower-left), reducing confusion and saving critical time during a rescue.

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G5 Paediatric Pads

Part No. XELAED003

Our paediatric pads are designed for use on children 8 years and under. For older or larger children, the pads can be placed in the same position to adult pads with both pads on the front of the body (upper-right and lower-left). For infants, toddlers and smaller children, the pads are best placed with one pad positioned on their chest and the other pad positioned on their back.

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G5 CPR Feedback Device

Part No. XELAED002A

Be your best with real-time CPR assistance. The CPR Device helps a rescuer give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that is consistent with 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines, so even first-time rescuers can deliver life-saving CPR. The Powerheart G5 AED automatically recognises and syncs with this easy-to-use device, providing clear instructions and real-time feedback. The CPR Device comes pre-attached to the Adult Defibrillation Pads to save critical time in a rescue.

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G5 Carry Sleeve

Part No. XCAAED002A

This economical carry sleeve with an adjustable shoulder strap provides an efficient option for transporting the Powerheart G5. A zip pocket allows for storage of a Ready Kit or extra pads.

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G5 Premium Carry Case & Ready Kit

Part No. XCAAED001A

This semi-rigid carry case with adjustable shoulder strap provides additional protection for your Powerheart G5 AED, and makes it easy for a rescuer in a hurry to retrieve and transport the unit. The front pouch stores a Ready Kit and a back pocket provides space for extra pads. The design ensures that the Rescue Ready® indicator and the pads’ expiration date are clearly visible at all times.

The Ready Kit includes gloves, razor, scissors, alcohol pads, gauze, and a CPR mask, so you have everything you need to respond to a cardiac arrest.

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AED Wall Storage Sleeve

Part No. XWSAED001A

This storage sleeve is an economical, attractive way to keep your AED in an easily accessible location and ensure high visibility to rescuers. The storage sleeve with security belt is tested to the EN 1789 standard for use in emergency vehicles. This Metal Sleeve is for use with the G5 Premium Carry Case

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AED Wall Hanger/Bracket

Part No. 180-2023

The AED Wall Hanger/Bracket is the newest economical addition to store your AED on the wall. The wall hanger is suitable for the AED by itself or inside a carry case, along with AED signage.

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3D Wall Sign Kit

Part No. 168-0056

This 3-D Wall Sign Kit helps ensure that people know where your AED is stored when needed in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. The kit includes a highly visible 3D sign that projects from the wall, plus two window decals.

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AED Wall Cabinet with Strobe Light & Alarm

Part No. 50-00392-30

These well-constructed AED wall cabinets store your AED in an easily accessible location. The AED sits inside the white cabinet with a see-through door.

Security options: 
Make it widely-known that an emergency is in progress. These options are triggered when the door is opened. The alarm can be disabled and enabled using a hidden iternal switch.

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AED Wall Storage Cabinet with Alarm

Part No. 55-00392-30

The distinctive curved shape and green door makes it easy to find and open with AED signage.

Wall-mountable steel AED (Automated External Defibrillator) cabinet is specifically designed to securely store your defibrillator in its case for easy access. The cabinet comes with a battery alarm which sounds when the door is opened. The cabinet has the option to be locked with a key or kept unlocked. The alarm can easily be disabled or enabled.

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AED Waterproof Cabinet

Part No. XWCAED001

Our waterproof cabinet ensures your AED is safely stored and protected from any water damage or harmful liquids.

The cabinet is suitable for all environments, particularly aquatic centres and surf-living saving clubs.

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G5 Pelican Carry Case

Part No. XCAAED003A

This hard-sided, waterproof case secures the Powerheart G5 in rugged environments, and makes it easy to transport with reliable protection from bumps, drops, and the elements

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AED Ready Kit

Part No. 5550

The Ready Kit includes gloves, razor, scissors, alcohol pads, gauze, and a CPR mask, so you have everything you need to respond to a cardiac arrest.

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