48 month Interest Free Payment Plan

Looking to get an AED for your facility or upgrade your old unit?

The Interest Free Payment Plan provides customers with our latest AED model (FRED PA-1) at an affordable monthly cost of $55 (plus GST) over a 4-year period, interest free.

This budget-friendly option means there is no better time to get an AED for your facility, add more AED units or upgrade your old unit.

Under the Interest Free Payment Plan, pay only $55 (plus GST) per month and receive a new AED every 4 years with no capital outlay.

The program ensures that your business, workplace, school or club will be equipped with the latest AED model (FRED PA-1) and removes the worry of needing to maintain the device.

48-month Interest Free Payment Plan

Pay only $55 (plus GST) per month for a 4 year period (get a new AED every 4 years)!

Package includes:

  • Schiller FRED-PA1 AED (fully automatic) with a 10 year warranty & 6 year battery life

  • AED Cabinet with alarm and strobe light, carry case and ready kit

  • Electrode pad replacement

  • Freight included

  • Online AED training resources

  • Optional accessories available

* Only pay a one-off $150 (plus GST) establishment fee together with the first monthly payment. Interest free is based on the list price of all the products included in the 4 year package.

At the end of the 4 year period, sign on for another term of the IFPP and be provided with a brand new Cardiac Defibrillators AED and continue to pay just $55 per month.


  • Affordability at just $55* (plus GST) per month
  • Leading AED with Industry leading 10 year warranty & 6 year battery life
  • There is no initial capital outlay.
  • You won’t be purchasing an AED which will eventually become outdated
  • Cardiac Defibrillators will ensure the AED is maintained, leaving you hassle-free
  • No need to ever buy replacement AED batteries or electrode pads
  • You can continue to renew the IFPP agreement, receiving a brand new AED at the conclusion of each 4 year period. This ensures you will always have the most up-to-date and technologically advanced AED model.

Optional Accessories

The Interest Free Payment Plan also offers you the flexibility of adding optional accessories to best suit your AED needs. All the accessories listed below come at the additional costs per month.

  • FRED PA-1 Online AED (includes subscription fee to Life DataNet G2 for 4 years) – $42.00 + GST

    • The online version allows remote management of your AED from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Easily check the status of your battery and electrodes and receive maintenance notifications.
  • Paediatric Electrode pad & replacement – $7.00 + GST

  • Real-Time CPR Feedback (Free CPR) – $10.00 + GST

  • AED Waterproof Cabinet- $14.00 + GST

We trust that you will find this program an exciting opportunity to take advantage of this excellent offer.
View our Interest Free Payment Plan Brochure.

If you are purchasing personally for yourself, family etc. Select the “non-corporate” option.

Corporate (Companies): Apply Here

Non-Corporate (Councils, Clubs, Schools): Apply Here


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