12 month interest free payment plan

Looking to get an AED for your facility or upgrade your old unit?

We offer a 12-month Interest-Free Payment Plan providing customers with our latest AED model (FRED PA-1) at an affordable monthly cost of $185 (plus GST) over a 12-month.

There has never been a better time to get an AED for your facility, add more AED units or upgrade your old unit.

Interest-Free Payment Plan – 12-month option

Pay only $185 (plus GST) per month for 12-months

Package includes:

  • Schiller FRED PA-1 AED (fully automatic) with a 10-year warranty
  • Choice of wall hanger bracket or carry case
  • Freight included
  • Online AED training resources
  • Optional accessories available


  • Affordability at just $185 per month over 12 months
  • Industry-leading AED with exceptional 10-year warranty
  • 6-year battery life
  • 3-year electrode life
  • Low cost of ownership

Optional Accessories

The 12-month Interest-Free Payment Plan also offers you the flexibility of adding optional accessories to best suit your AED needs. All the accessories listed below come at additional costs per month.

  • FRED PA-1 Online AED (Includes subscription fee to Life DataNet G2 for 3 years) – $100 +GST
    The online version allows remote management of your AED from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Easily check the status of your battery and electrodes and receive maintenance notifications.
  • Cabinet – $25.00 + GST
  • Ready Kit – $4.00 + GST
  • Paediatric Electrodes – $10.00 + GST
We trust that you will find this program an exciting opportunity to take advantage of this excellent offer.
View our Interest-Free Payment Plan Brochure.

If you are purchasing personally for yourself, family etc. Select the “non-corporate” option.

Corporate (Companies): Apply Here

Non-Corporate (Councils, Clubs, Schools, Personal): Apply Here

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